Pegasus in Peril – Crystal Dawn


by Crystal Dawn

Two Capricorns, the male a Pegasus and the female a witch, are fated mates. Herk, the male, finds he doesn’t want to mate with the danger hanging over everyone in his world. Pru, the female witch, feels Herk made promises and now he’s disappeared. It makes her feel he lied to get what he wanted. As they both deal with the conflict headed their way, they also have to deal with their feelings for each other. Fate intended them to be together forever, but Herk is too busy running away.

Released Jan. 2, 2018


Excerpt (Adult Content):

“Mom wants to talk to you and Julio.”

“I expected that, but thought she’d wait until morning.” Herk explained.

“It is morning, early morning.” Pru grinned as she teased him. Still dark outside, dawn would come soon.

That was alright. If she wasn’t upset, he wouldn’t get upset either. He got up digging around for his pants then pulling his phone out of the pocket it was in. Julio would receive the text he sent and come or not. Now he searched for her bathroom. “Want to help me shower?”

Pru snorted. “Just say shower sex that will get you a better answer.”

“Shower sex?”

“I’m in.”

“No, I’ll be in.” He chuckled. Pru was a lot of fun.

They were both already naked so he turned the water on hot and jumped in. Pru followed him in and he pressed her against the shower wall. Water rolled over them as he kissed her passionately and felt her body slide against him. Herk pulled her up and she wrapped her legs around his hips as he slid into her. Need fired him as he pumped in hard and fast.

Herk slammed in and out. His passion rose to where he was fighting for control. Her scent washed over him pushing him closer to his release. He felt a tingle running down his back to his tailbone. The buzz let him know he didn’t have long before he blew. Swiveling his hips, he tried to hit her hot spots. It must have worked because her channel tightened around him.

Pru made little sounds of encouragement as her channel grasped him. When she finally exploded, he was right behind her. He roared as his seed erupted from him. They smacked together the sounds echoing through the room until they both calmed and stopped.

“We’d best wash up so we can get dressed.” Pru suggested.

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