Passionate Roar – Solease M. Barner




He is confident, energetic, loyal, strong, and a powerful ruler… He’s Landon King, a LEO!

Landon King works hard, never makes mistakes, prides himself on always being fair, is honest to a fault, and owns one of the most successful companies in the world. After receiving a message stating he must return to the pride and take a mate to retain his title as King, Landon is, understandably, upset. How dare they send such a preposterous edict to him, their King. Landon feels disrespected and has no intention of being forced to take a mate. Yet, he decides to make the journey so he can inform his people in person of his refusal, letting them know exactly where he stands. He, simply, will not be forced into a mating – by anyone. During his trip, he meets Davina Golden, a rogue lioness with no respect for the laws of the pride and even less for him, a lion-shifter king who is obviously superior to her. Landon King takes this as a personal challenge to bring this rogue lioness to heel and force her to join his pride.

Davina Golden was abandoned as a young cub and remembers very little other than her name. After barely surviving her first shift with no help from anyone, Davina quickly learned surviving on her own was painful as well as dangerous. Her ordeal has made her cold and indifferent to her people and she has no desire to seek them out. She’s spent her life drifting from place to place, accepting work here and there to survive, which sometimes included using her powers as a lioness to get what she wants. But when she meets Landon King, an arrogant lion who demands her submission and respect, she does the two things she knows best; she roars and runs. Unfortunately, she had no idea he would follow her, and worse, how much she would like it!

Released July 25, 2017


Excerpt (Adult Content):

I knock on the door, and she doesn’t answer, using my keen hearing I can tell she’s still in the shower. Opening the door, I begin to set us up in front of the fire place, cherry pie with wine has to make her want to stay.

As I’m lighting the fire place the bathroom door opens, and her scent fills the space in the room.

“Landon, I’m not dressed for you to be in here.” She says, softly.

“You smell wonderful…I’ll stay facing the fireplace until you are appropriate.” 

“I smell wonderful compared to the dirty smell from being in a car and walking through the woods…”

“Whoa, you know what I meant, and besides I wanted you the entire car ride.”

She doesn’t reply, but I hear her bag open. She fumbles around, and it’s not long before she’s walking toward me. I turn and see her in a pair of white pajama pants with a tank top on. Her breasts are perfect, and her nipples are hard and ready for me.

“Cherry pie is one of my favorites, do you have whip cream?” She asks, sitting down on the floor.

“No, but I’ll remember for next time. Would you like some wine?” I ask as I’m pouring us both a glass. She looks up and sees both glasses full.

“I guess I do, it’s already poured, Landon.”

After I hand her our glasses, I position myself as close as possible to her. We are silent for a while looking into the fire eating pie and drinking wine. 

“Landon tell me the truth are you here because they want you to mate with one of the females?” She asks, avoiding my eyes.

“I’m not going to lie and say no, but I’m not mating anyone until I’m ready.”

“You’re loved here that’s for sure. Seeing all those people greet you when we walked up was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“Did you ever seek out a pride to join?”

“No, I never wanted to be a part of a pride. I figured if my own parents didn’t want me, then why would a pride.”

“I want you.”

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