Unraveled – Decadent Kane



by Decadent Kane

Book 2 in the Dark Khimairan series

Sadie Giles has a secret.

Born with a genetic disorder, making her goat horns a permanent fixture, Sadie never leaves the enclave. Until she’s sent to help the Wyoming area after battle. Though on the bright side, Wyoming has a resident potions expert, Levi, who might be able to help with her horn problem. Only there is one major problem.
He lives in the human area.

An empty disturbance has disrupted Levi’s land in Wyoming, and dead animals are a recurring event. Tied to his land as he lends his grazing areas to farmers in the warm months and hunters during hunting season, Levi can’t ignore ten killings in a single week or he’d lose his business. When Levi heads into the Khimairan enclave to get help from his clan leader, he never expected his zodiac sign to be invoked by a female with ever-lasting goat horns and a desperate need for his help.
When the killer leaves a cold heart on Levi’s door step everything he’s worked for, including his mate could, be lost with a flick of a knife.

Released Jan. 16, 2018


Excerpt (Adult Content):

When the front door closed, Levi turned heated eyes to Sadie. “Now where did we leave off?”

Sadie’s stomach fluttered as Levi headed in her direction. A giggle slipped out of her mouth as she ran around the island. “Now wait just a minute…I don’t just turn on like a light switch you know. I had a knife to my neck.” Sadie pointed to herself as Levi eyed her from the other side of the island. But even as she said the words, that smoldering look in his eyes told her he would have her. Despite the rocky start between them, she admired Levi. He was quick to fix issues. He never once put her down about her shifting or her horns. Matter of fact, all he’d done since she’d met him was help her, and he didn’t once make her feel like less of a person. She could see herself being bonded to him, exploring one another and the love they could share they were to give this a real chance.

“And said knife mark is no longer there. Next excuse.” He put his hands on the counter. There was a deep gleam to his eyes, almost predatory, and Sadie liked the effect he had on her with just a look. She did want him and she really wanted to finish what they had started. A pulse spread between her legs.

“I might half shift in the middle of sex.” Sadie was only a little worried about that. She’d never shifted during sex before, and earlier she had no hints of shifting even though she had been pretty worked up.

“I have a potion for that if you want it. Next excuse?”

Sadie took two steps back as his gaze bore down on her. She gulped, knowing he would come for her and she would like it. When her rear met the cabinet, she said, “What if I want to bond with you?”

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