Unicorn Unleashed – Crystal Dawn

Title: Unicorn Unleashed
Series: ,
Release Date: Dec. 11, 2018
Contributors: Crystal Dawn
Genre: ,


Jespers didnt know what to think of Daphne the lovely witch. If she wasnt crazy about unicorns to the point of being obsessed, hed mate her.


Daphne was half in love with Jespers, but he wasnt a unicorn. Shed always known her true mate would be one so what was a witch to do? Maybe the mate summoning spell since it had worked for her cousin.


Will things work out for two lovers so unsure of each other? Can they just learn to trust their hearts or will they have to learn the hard way?



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Excerpt (Adult Content): 

His tongue plumbed the deepest depths of her mouth. Jespers seemed more than ready to drill something else deep inside her. As he backed her to the bed, he turned her around. Daphne dropped her hands to the mattress climbing on her knees sticking her ass in the air. Her mate slid his hands over her ass cheeks, his hands were so gentle. A finger slid to her channel to check for her readiness. It slid in easily and he added another. It felt perfect to her.

He went for three next sliding slowly into her and she only felt a slight pinch. His other hand moved to her little bundle of nerves stimulating her to help her find her release. When he lined up his hard cock, it felt wonderful as he sunk it inside her. Daphne was soaked so he slid right in. The noises she made of pleasure encouraged him to keep doing what he was doing.

Jespers worked his finger over her sensitive clit as his cock plunged into her channel. Her orgasm came quickly. It rolled over her making her scream his name. He slowed to enjoy her pleasure without releasing himself. Now he put his hand where they joined and pulled back two soaked fingers. She watched over her shoulder looking at him intently as he sucked them into his mouth groaning deeply as he tasted every bit.

Now he began to pound into her once more until he exploded sending hot seed deep inside her. She was exhausted and he seemed to be too. They wrapped round each other and fell into a deep sleep.