Sundered – Beth Caudill

Title: Sundered
Series: ,
Published by: Moonlight Mountain Books
Release Date: December 29, 2020
Contributors: Beth Caudill
Genre: ,


For years, reluctant earth witch Daphne Lowe has feared the strength of her powers. When she loses control, people are harmed. She already ruined Deputy Sheriff Stanford Morgan’s life once, when their relationship ignited his dormant magical powers and turned him into the legendary white stag. Getting involved with him again would just hurt him more. She has to ignore her feelings for him, and hope that someday he’ll stop loving her too.


Except the paranormal sanctuary of Willows Haven needs Daphne and Stanford together—she must anchor the town’s mythical willow trees, and he serves as guardian. Only then will the town’s supernatural residents be safe from the outside world. Trapped together by a snowstorm, Daphne and Stanford have a second chance at happiness if they can resolve their past issues.


When a dark witch invades the town, a final test of their commitment emerges. To succeed, they’ll have to truly trust in each other and embrace the power of their love.


Can a second chance at love survive vengeance from the past?


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“We need to get you home.” He dropped his jacket around her shoulders.

His scent surrounded her as his warmth sank into her body. She trudged through the accumulated drifts. Each step crunched in muted tones as the whisper of frozen ice crystals surrounded them. Stanford opened her door, and she ducked under his arm.

She turned, and his heated gaze snared her. The flurries all around shrouded them within their own space. Alone. Together. Intensely intimate.

Her body had to be controlled by someone else because she lifted her face toward his. Four years had been a long time to dismiss their attraction.

He’d done nothing wrong. In fact, she didn’t understand how he didn’t resent her. He’d gone along with her bonding ritual as a lark, a show of his commitment. In her sudden panic at his success, she’d run; she’d refused to acknowledge any ties between them.

Why was he still willing to stand by her side?

He could find someone taller, more self-assured. A woman closer to his six-foot stature so he didn’t have to bend so far to reach her. Someone without an elemental tie to this town.

A normal woman.

His bright blue eyes pierced the layers of her soul. He saw through her, into the depths of her heart, and all her weaknesses. Desire in all its greedy, dangerous splendor sharpened the lines of his face.

He still wanted her.

And Goddess, she craved him—too much. He was her greatest dream. Something she yearned for but shouldn’t be allowed to have.

Yet she couldn’t reject the allure binding them together.

In fact, she wanted to grab hold of him and never let go. Despite how wrong it would be, how she’d continue to hurt him, she couldn’t stop the inevitable. She’d walked away once. Surely after one kiss, she could withdraw again.

In the early morning darkness, his lips brushed hers. She leaned against him, into his very warm and hard body. Her arms twined around his neck, drew up closer.

He moaned—a sound of need and hunger.

All her thoughts drifted away on the windswept ravaging of his mouth. Harsh. Demanding. He worked to control their engagement.

In the past, he’d led. But if this was to be the only kiss she allowed, then she wanted him as out of control as she.

Digging the tips of her nails into his neck, her tongue swooped into his open mouth. Their tongues slid along each other and ramped up the heat between them. Before, his kisses had been an enticement.

Now they were a conflagration.

Obviously, denying themselves this pleasure only made it hotter. A wanton ache that yearned to be quenched.