Shot Through the Heart – Dominique Eastwick

Title: Shot Through the Heart
Series: ,
Release Date: Oct. 2, 2017
Contributors: Dominique Eastwick
Pages: 135
ASIN: B0764CZ718

Tegan Rees is a high-powered public defender. She fights for those who can’t fight for themselves. Her people have been around for eons, and as the moon moves into Libra, she is reminded yet again she remains without a viable mate.


Archer is an immortal bounty hunter or slayer sent to bring the shifters to ground. To his people, shifters no longer have a place in the world. With Libra rising, he must stop his hunt for Virgo and commence into Libra. Libras shifters have always been elusive as they hide behind the scales. But Archer is different. He and a handful of other Foniás only hunt the shifters who have done harm to humans.


Can both Archer and Tegan overcome prejudices long engrained in their people? Can Archer save his mate from his own people and hers when he discovers her hidden Raven?

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Excerpt (Adult Content):

And with her laughter, the overwhelming need to take her into his arms and kiss her senseless flooded back. “The pancakes are good,” he muttered, shoving a bite into his mouth.

“What about you? Are you only here because of the man you brought in?”

Time to be vague. “I travel a great deal. When bail bondsmen have a tough case, they sometimes call me in. But I do seem to come through here on a regular basis.” And wasn’t that odd. For a small town, they had an unusually high fugitive rate.

“How long are you planning to be in the area?”

“I should leave tomorrow evening. I have about four files to choose from. Unfortunately, none require travel to Ireland.”

“That’s a shame.” Her dark eyes took on a sultriness he hadn’t been prepared for. “But then again, if it were in Ireland, you would get no work done.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I believe neither of us would take a step outside my bedroom.”

He choked on his coffee.

“Sorry. Was I too blunt?”

“Simply took me by surprise.” His little attorney didn’t play games. He could see why she was so well respected. At that moment, his cock very much respected her.

“I’ve never been good at the whole flirting thing, and being coy isn’t my style.” She shrugged. “I waited inside, hoping you would leave, but you didn’t, and the chemical attraction between us isn’t going to go away. You are leaving tomorrow and, with any luck, I’ll be flying out in a few days. When I’m forced into a situation, I always ask myself the same question. In a week, a month, or ten years, what decision will I regret more?”

“O. K.” Two letters were all he could get through his lips.

She leaned over the table, her lips inches from his. “By morning, I will regret not having sex with you. And I believe I’ll regret more with every day that passes.”

“Done with me?” If he kissed her now, he would have her well-tailored skirt up to her hips in ten seconds flat. So, instead, he settled for pulling the pen from her hair and watching the raven locks cascade down.

“Just getting started.” She kissed him, and his world tilted on its axis, everything he thought he knew shattered like a mirror falling to the floor in a million pieces. The love, protectiveness, and attraction he felt for his first wife paled in comparison to the emotions coursing through his veins. The small voice within him, the one he listened to when handing out sentences to shifters he tracked down, screamed mine.

“Get. Me. Out. Of. Here,” she panted.

Throwing down more money than necessary, he grabbed her hand and led her out of the diner. “Are you sure?”


He stopped at his vehicle. “I can’t believe I’m about to say this. You don’t know me.”

“I live my life following my instincts. Besides, if the police officers at the station speak highly of you, and they speak highly of no one, usually, then I have to trust them. Jesse also watched us walk off.”

“Your place or mine?”