Phoenix On Fire – Crystal Dawn

Title: Phoenix on Fire
Series: ,
Release Date: April 2, 2019
Contributors: Crystal Dawn
Genre: ,
Pages: 150


Cam is upset that he’s been sent to the HQ in South America to take over operations. He’s been partnered up with Diamond, Ram’s sister. She’s beautiful, smart, and tough, but clearly not his mate or is she? How will he keep his hands off her when she clearly doesn’t want him?

Diamond can’t believe her parents are sending her to work with Cam. He’s her mate, but she’s not ready yet. Sure, he’s sexy, smart, and strong, but she wants to be all she can be in the business before she’s kept barefoot and pregnant. Everyone knows the views he had on women when he was younger. She’s just as sure those views haven’t changed.

Compromise between these two independent people? Is that even possible?


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“Why don’t you just give in, Baby?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You want me and I want you. There’s nothing else to figure out.”

“Life isn’t just about sex. We also have a war to fight and jobs to do. How is it going at the training complex?” She asked.

“It’s going fine. They’ll be breaking ground in a week.”

“That’s good. The sooner the better.”

“That’s what I say too about more than the training center.”

“Give it a rest Cam. There are other things to deal with.”

“Runaway and hide, my mate. I’ll let you go for now, but tomorrow is a new day.”

She saw he was hurt by her answer, but she rushed away just glad to escape for now. In her room she readied for bed needing the sleep and hoping to wake feeling rested. Yes, tomorrow was indeed another day and she hoped it was a better one than today had been.