Out Foxed – Melissa Snark

Title: Out Foxed
Series: ,
Published by: Nordic Lights Press
Release Date: May 23, 2017
Contributors: Melissa Snark
Pages: 260

Music is his magic.

Silver is a coyote-shifter with criminal tendencies and a golden voice. As the lead singer and guitarist for an indie rock band, he is devoted to his craft, however his disreputable past is about to catch up with him. He owes a god a debt, and gods always collect.


She’s a real fox.

When Hannah Kelly’s despicable ex-lover takes her grandmother hostage, she must turn her expertise as a security professional to burglary. With her twin sister’s help, Hannah sets out to steal a priceless Norse artifact from a notorious Russian oligarch.


Two thieves. One prize. A chase so wild, the pursuer becomes the pursued.


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“Why are these staves empty?” She stroked a fingertip over the five parallel lines over his abs. Smooth skin… ripped muscles. She slithered off his lap, knelt on the floor before him, and rested her arms on his thighs. She leaned, hyperaware of the swollen hump in the crotch of his pants, just inches below her chin, and dipped the tip of her tongue into his navel.

He hissed and managed a ragged answer. “I’m still alive. The song isn’t complete yet. The bare staff over my heart is reserved for my mate… when I find her.”

Hannah hesitated and pulled back a notch. She wondered why his response hit her like high-speed impact with a wall. The thought of his hypothetical mate provoked her to jealousy and anger… and she didn’t like that at all.

“That’s such a perfect answer. It has to be a line.”

Silver sat with his head bowed, his long hair obscuring his face, the only discernable motion his breathing. “I don’t need cheesy lines to score.”

No, he wouldn’t need them, would he? Unexpected envy stabbed at her for the faceless, nameless women who’d come before her. So stupid when all she sought from him was a quickie. There was no reason at all for the stabbing resentment she harbored for every paramour who’d come before her. Jealously was an irrational bitch. Hannah wanted to tease him until he went mad with sexual frustration, obliterating any thought of past lovers from his mind.

Driven by the urgency of her own need, she reached for his fly. She latched onto either side and yanked hard, forcefully separating the row of buttons. The violent action provoked a growl from Silver, a primal warning that emanated deep in his chest. It sent shivers through her already overwrought body. She wasn’t such a fool to believe that his willingness to submit to her connoted weakness. It was a sign of strength, a display of his innate security.

Silver wore snug black boxers which were promisingly tented in front. Hannah hooked both his pants and underwear with her fingers. Obligingly, he lifted his hips while she tugged both garments to mid-thigh, freeing his erection which jutted forth from the dark curls at the base.

She sank to her haunches and took a moment to appraise him. Unsurprisingly, she supposed, his uncut penis was every bit as pretty as the rest of him. He had good length and solid girth, although the end was a hammerhead, thicker than the rest of his shaft. She anticipated that going in, he’d cleave a pussy through. She creamed just thinking about it, a gush of heat and wetness between her thighs.

His cock seemed to stretch toward her like an offered hand. “Hello,” said Mr. Dick, “I’m eager to make your acquaintance.”

A spontaneous giggle escaped Hannah. She sank to her knees and bent her head so the loose strands of her hair teased his skin. She puckered her lips and blew a warm gust of breath over his cockhead. In response, his member twitched. His male scent was rich and earthy, a wild woodland that summoned her home.

“Having a woman laugh at the first sight of your dick is unnerving as all fuck,” Silver said in a hoarse voice. Restless, he stirred and lifted one of his legs just enough to brush the underside of her chin in a not-so-subtle hint.