Lion About – Catherine Banks

Title: Lion About
Series: ,
Release Date: Sept. 4, 2018
Contributors: Catherine Banks
Genre: ,
ASIN: B07GV428K5


The cost of magic might be too high...


A chance encounter opens new doors for Milena and introduces her to one of the top bachelors in the city. But Faerie holds the key to restoring her magic, and those she escaped 10 years ago resume their hunt of her. She must make the hard choice between love and life... or lose them both.


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Excerpt (Adult Content):

He moved closer, so that our bodies were completely touching. “Are you a sugar fiend, Ms. Vincent?”

“I do love sugar,” I admitted.

“Mm, me too,” he whispered, his fingers traced my jawline, making my eyes flutter closed a second. “You look rather sweet, perhaps I might taste you?”

I opened my eyes and turned to him, which was all the invitation he needed. Our lips met, fire and need burning through us both and turning a simple kiss into a frenzy of kisses. He slid a hand behind my neck, and one around my waist, pulling me up onto his lap. I slid my fingers into his thick hair, gripping slightly as our tongues clashed. His grip on my waist tightened and he growled deep in the back of his throat, which spurned me on more.