Bewitched – Beth Caudill

Title: Bewitched
Series: ,
Published by: Moonlight Mountain Books
Release Date: June 2, 2020
Contributors: Beth Caudill
Genre: ,


A man cursed to shapeshift into an owl during the day must trust in the love offered by a heartsore guardian angel.


Guardian angel Leyna Angelheardt travels the world trying to guide children to their brighter futures. However, free will rules the human spirit, and after she loses three charges, her heart needs healing before she can continue her calling. Directed toward the magically protected town of Willows Haven, she faces her greatest challenge.


Vithar Woodward runs the small town newspaper with his twin brother. But his family harbors a dark secret: a century ago, an incubus cursed them to spend their days shapeshifted into animals. Now with only a few days until the curse culminates, Vithar knows his only hope is to find true love and nullify the curse. Yet he wonders who would ever love a man who spends half his days as a barred owl.


When Leyna and Vithar meet, it becomes clear that fate has drawn them together. As sparks dart between them, Leyna must decide if she should remain a guardian angel or embrace this new existence of loving a mortal.


For after all, what is more magical than true love?


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She took his left hand. “Why so gloomy?” Tingles followed the path her finger took along his life line. “An air of sorrow hovers around you.”

He stared into her eyes, afraid to say what trapped his heart. But while the bright green of her eyes—like a Granny Smith apple—spoke of age, there was an innocence about her that he didn’t want to taint.

Her eyes brightened, and she laughed. “Fear only consumes us the longer we hold on to it.”

“It’s not fear.” He closed his eyes, knowing it was a lie. “It’s not only fear. Somethings should not be shared with others.”

“Nothing is so malicious that light cannot provide the warmth of a shared burden.”

Her words were a blunt edge, tearing through his self-pity. Could he trust her?

What did he have left to lose?

“Over one hundred years ago, an incubus cursed my family. The spell expires in three days.”

“You don’t seem the type to engage with unsavory creatures.”

He shrugged. “It wasn’t me, exactly. The demon wanted my sister-in-law, and she told him no. He couldn’t stand not possessing her, so he cast a curse against us—Meli, Fremont, and me. Our parents died a few months after the curse was enacted. We’re the only family we each have left, and because of the terms, no one can lead a full life.”

“All curses can be broken. What do you have to do for yours?”

“I appreciate the thought, but you are too light-hearted to become drawn into this misery.”

“Are you sure you won’t let me help?”

As much as he wished to say yes, he still possessed a conscience. He wouldn’t be the one to blacken her soul. “Thank you, but no. This is our problem to solve.”

Her skin glowed a soft white. “I’m here to help when you’re ready.” Her voice contained an otherworldliness that lifted the hairs on the back of his neck.

Earlier when he’d attacked Doyle in his owl form, he’d thought it had been a chance meeting. That she helped an older gentleman and Doyle happened upon them. He missed a lot of nuances in his animal form.

Leyna definitely wasn’t mortal, but he was afraid she was something even more untouchable.

An angel.